Sigmira 1r5 GRATIS/FREE

Software para guardar tus frecuencias, para convertir medidas, etc.

Sigmira 1r5 GRATIS/FREE

Notapor FOXSTAR » 21 Sep 2010, 22:14

Pues eso, os dejo un enlace donde descargar gratuitamente este estupendo software gratis.saludos.FOXSTAR.

Sigmira 1r5


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* "Waterfall" and spectrograph displays of up to 200 kHz width with the SDR-IQ™/SDR-14™.
* Demodulation of PSK31, FSK, SITOR-B, CW, and NFM modes.
* Demodulation of NATO STANAG 4285.
* Demodulation of the "Japanese Navy Slot Machine"
* Point and click signal selection/tuning.
* Signal Database with automated tuning and logging.
* Phase plane display.
* Playback of saved .wav files.
* 16 bit sampling. Typical sampling rate: 48 ksps.
* Signal strength meter.
* Adjustable squelch.
* Clock display with UTC and local time.

The distribution package includes examples of PSK31, RTTY, FSK, SITOR-B, CW, NFM, JSM, and STANAG 4285 signals in .wav files. A database of over a thousand signals is also included in the distribution package.
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