Apple Macbook vs. iPad 2?

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Apple Macbook vs. iPad 2?

Notapor JazResh » 30 Ago 2011, 09:39

I have a cheap Dell Inspiron laptop I got about a year ago. It has Windows 7 and
Ubuntu on it. Now I have a decision to make. I want to get either an ipad or macbook. While I realize they are different devices, I don't know if I want to get a mac as I have heard great things about them. I like how the mac will last me a long time, and I like how fun the ipad is. I can get a macbook for 900 dollars (education discount) or an ipad for 600. What I would do is web browsing, games, and extremely light video editing. With the ipad I could do things the ipad can't on my dell, but I don't know. Btw- this will take me awhile to save up for.

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